KonMari- My Come Back.

I am at papers! I am finally at the part I am so most excited about this whole thing since I originally got the book! I finally have a copy of the book myself, which is why I am finally back on track! Yay!
I do think that if one is able to do this whole mess of Tidying up in one big go, one should. I mean…I took me months to deal with my clothes! Only last month did I finally have the time and space to organize clothes back into my dresser! And it is great! I fit all my shirts into one drawer, and my corsets and bras, etc, into another, and pjs, and leggins, and stuff in another! It feels great! It isn’t perfect yet, and like I said, I do recommend doing it all at once because, and here is the kicker, if you don’t, then it is kinda hard to organize when everything else is a mess. As I have mentioned, I am in school, so that is where so much of my energy and times goes to. I also go though intense boughts of depression, and I am working to keep the per-diabetes from becoming diabetes, so tidying up is something I have to work myself up to.
I am doing KonMari because I don’t want my life to be a perpetual mess. I want peaceful surroundings that I do not have to be embarrassed about when I hear folks are coming over. I don’t want to have to clean for days when I know people are going to spend the night.  And, most importantly, I want to be able to find myself in my space. I know this will help with the depression, and also with the taking care of myself. I know that I have so much stuff I don’t need, or want. The clothes purge was so great! I can feel myself still working through it. I still see clothes I decide I am not as in love with as before, and off they go into the give away bag. Sure, I am not filling bags anymore, but I am also happily not bringing in new clothes into my life! I instilled a ban on new clothes, except for things I need (and I need to determine I need them ahead of time, not in the heat of cute clothes moment.) and I am happy to say I am doing great!
Books- books are not really done. I did the ones on my bookcase headboard, and I sold them and it left me feeling empty instead of empowered. I did a huge book purge when I moved from Chicago to Kansas, and so I know that my book collection is not entirely out of control, so I feel it can wait in the sidelines to be organized later.  A book ban, except for school books, might be a reasonable thing as well.
Anyway…this leads me to the most exciting thing! Papers! I get to organize my papers! I get to purge them! Maybe I should be considerably less excited about this, but it is one of my biggest problems, and the thing that I have been wanting to tackle since I picked up “Spark Joy” all those months ago. My plan is to gather everything up, divide into keep, sentimental (later), and recycle (laterz!) I do know I have a lot of sentimental stuff, and that is ok. I have way more unimportant trash that is just overtaking my life. I am even getting rid of old planners! Hurray for forward motion! Mas vale tarde, que nunca!


A week and some. . . 

I am almost done with my clothes! I have 4 and a half bags of donate, and a pile of 3 bags high for specific people or selling. There is one pile 2 and a half high if they on clothes , and a medium suit case with some clothes to fix and keep.  

There is still a bit more to go through but I am able to sleep in my own bed for the first time since I started this mess cleaning , and it feels kind progress ! Photos tomorrow , as well as getting ready for a geek con. 

​My ideal space. Imaginings. 

As part of the konmari method, I am supposed to visualize what I want my ideal space to be.  It has been a little bit harder because I live in a house owned by my roommates, and most of the space in the house is taken by their stuff.  So in this house, I am working to reorganize my things, and visualize also what kind of a space I want for myself in general.

I want a space that feels spacious and inviting.  I want to be able to have guests over frequently, and not have to worry about cleaning for days when out of town guests are coming over.  I want to have space to be creative. I really want an in home office where I can do my Interior Design work as well as reselling stuff and creating things to sell.  I want my bedroom to be a sanctuary, a place that shows my style and my interests.  I know that I sometimes feel like I have several personalities, goth, geek, Mexican, designer, anarchist, punk, femenina… I want my space to showcase these identities without feeling cluttered and confusing.  I really like cat objects, so I want my room to reflect that.  I want to only have cute undergarments, and comfortable feminine socks.  I want to have jeans that are comfortable and nice looking.  I want to find shorts in my size. I want the dresses that I own to be impactful. I want my bed to be comfortable.  I want a comfortable space.  I want makeup that suits me and isn’t too much of a bother.

I want a space that is mine and for me but that other people feel welcome and comfortable in. A reflection of myself, of who I want to be.

I do not want to be a hoarder, anymore…

I have alway tried to organize myself for years. I don’t have all the details because my brain is really funky, and I am trying to do this post in order to jumpstart my actual starting.

Anyway, I have been reading “The life changing magic of tidying up.” by Marie Kondo. In all my organizing, I have slowly doing things that fall in line with this book, and yet I had never heard of it before. I have divided my things into catogories, I have at different times, gotten all my electronics, my clothes, my jewlery all togethere. The last big clean was dividing everything with a friend of mine. It took me days, and once it was all divided I froze. The last few months have been difficult, with school getting the better of me with a professional competiton, work getting really overwhelming, and me quitting because school is just more important. And so many other things that I really wish I had blogged as things happened.

Anyway- the Marie Kondo Method, although I had heard about it and had been implementing some of the methods of folding clothes for my storage, I didn’t really know what it was. The Hasting near me is closing-a national chain reaction, hehe-and as I was looking at books, I had seen some Interior Design books, as well as a book called “How to love the house you live in.” or something like that. I decided to get it for my mom, but had waited because the prices were still a little high. The prices were higher than Amazon prices. When I went back a different time, the book was there, as well as a book called “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo. It is her follow up book to “Tidying up.” so as I started to read it, Marie Kondo asks something like ” if you are ready to tidy once and for all, then this is the book for you, if not, then read my first book, and make the decision. Be clean.” I put “Spark Joy” down, and went to my library. I have almost finished reading “Tidying up.” and as I go through my day, I keep touching my things and wondering if such object brings me joy. I have even started a pile of clothes that do not bring me joy. I want to start working on this. I want to KonMari my things, my life. I also have a test, so if I am going to get started today, as scary as it is, I have a limited time to start before other priorities get at me.

So here are my before photos. I took them earlier this afternoon. I just wanted to know where my head is as I start this.